All Children deserve the gift of literacy.

The early teaching of reading is “the single most effective way to help children overcome the learning difficulties associated with Down syndrome.”

Professor Sue Buckley| Chief Scientist, Down Syndrome Education International

Due to a number of factors, including low expectations, lack of teacher support and poor placement, children with Down syndrome often miss out on the opportunity to receive a meaningful education. Not all will achieve functional levels of literacy to succeed in life.

The Learning Program is a research-based early childhood literacy program specifically designed to increase the abilities of children aged 2-10 with Down syndrome.

The Learning Program:

  • Supplements formal literacy and math education through direct instruction to parents and children;
  • Provides customized materials and ongoing support for parents;
  • Trains parents to be effective first teachers for their children;
  • Prepares children for success in school by utilizing current research on best practices; and
  • Shares effective teaching strategies to improve the educational potential of children with Down syndrome.

The Learning Program provides support that is critical to improve early childhood intervention, increase access to the curriculum, and improve the performance of children with Down syndrome in school.

Payment Information: (Parents will be able to pay online)

Registration/Materials Fee                                                    $25
One Semester (Tuition and Student Material)               $75
Full Year (Tuition and Student Material)                       $150
Full Year + Registration Fee                                                $175

Scholarship available by request with DSACT volunteer hours. Limited available.

Details for the 2013-2014 Learning Program

Dates & Times- TBD

For more information about the Learning Program, please contact our office by email: or phone: (512) 323-0808