“The broadest, and maybe the most meaningful definition of volunteering:
Doing more than you have to because you want to, in a cause you consider good.”

- Ivan Scheier


Interested in volunteering? Volunteers are an essential part of our organization! Without volunteers like you, the organization and the programs and services we offer would not exist. Come join us in spreading awareness, educating, and promoting inclusion and acceptance of people with Down syndrome in Central Texas.To Apply to Volunteer for DSACT througout the year, please submit the DSACT Volunteer Application below.


Current Volunteer Opportunities

We have several different ways for volunteers to become involved with DSACT.  We welcome your interest and hope you will join DSACT as a volunteer to help every person with Down syndrome in Central Texas reach their full potential.


Event Planning and Staffing

We need volunteers to plan for our large awareness/fundraising events – these are our Pack the Zach cocktail party on March 20, 2014, Buddy Walk in late October, and Share the Passion calendar gala in December. We also need volunteers to help staff these events on the day they’re held. We are especially in need of Buddy Walk Committee members to help plan Buddy Walk.


Recreation and Social Programs

Four seasons a year we offer recreational programs for individuals with Down syndrome of all ages. Review the list of recreation programs and sign up to volunteer under the Programs tab. Volunteers are expected to pick a program that matches their interest and commit to attending most/all of the dates for that season.


Inkdots Social Program – We are looking for a parent of a child with Down syndrome age 0-6 who will identify venues for the monthly Inkdots social gatherings and coordinate these gatherings.

Teen Group Social Program – We welcome volunteers in high school or college to attend our social gatherings on the 2nd Friday of each month, to socialize, dance and serve as peer models for teens with Down syndrome.


New Parent Outreach

We are looking for parents of children with Down syndrome age 0-10 to be trained and then visit, call or email parents who have just had a baby with Down syndrome (or just received the diagnosis) who call DSACT asking for help and information. This function requires volunteers who can demonstrate a high degree of empathy, emotional sensitivity and supportiveness.


DSACT Board Service

DSACT has opportunities to serve as a member of our Board. We are a hands-on, active Board; each Board member chairs or co-chairs a specific area or function, such as education, medical outreach, fundraising, Comite Latino, etc.

Currently, we have the following Board vacancies:


Secretary (Keeps meeting minutes, organizes documentation, sends birthday greetings to members)

Member engagement (Expands DSACT outreach to traditionally underserved groups)

Education Co-Chair (Plans and leads education programs)

Volunteers (With DSACT Operations Manager, recruits, engages and trains DSACT volunteers)

Williamson/Hays (Provides social programs in Williamson and/or Hays Counties)

Communications (Produces a quarterly newsletter)

Grants (Oversees grantwriting efforts by a contract grantwriter)

Adult Services (Assembles and distributes information of interest to families of adults with Down syndrome, assesses their needs, provides workshops on relevant topics)

Healthcare Co-Chair (Contacts local hospitals and medical groups to ensure they have appropriate information about Down syndrome for themselves and their patients.)


In all the above areas (other than serving as Board secretary), we also need individuals who may not be interested in Board service but who wants to help a Board member in a particular area.


DSACT Development Board Service

The DSACT Development Board meets quarterly to assist in fundraising for DSACT, particularly with respect to the spring Pack the Zach fundraiser.


Thank you for your interest!

Questions? Contact Vicki Landry at volunteer@dsact.com.