The Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas Governmental Affairs Committee is committed to improving the lives of people with Down syndrome in all areas of their lives. We advocate in the best interest of people with Down syndrome and their families at the local, state, and federal government, and within all governmental agencies in the areas of education, healthcare, employment, housing, transportation, community services, and self-determination. We support policies that incorporate the input of our members that will ensure high quality programs and services. We achieve our goal by keeping informed on practices, policies, and legislation that involves people with disabilities. We share information on disability related issues with our members and we learn their opinions, concerns, and interests in these areas and study the issues to discern how our members are affected. We review and assess policies and legislation that our community has an interest in and make recommendations on position statements to our Board of Directors. We work to influence policymakers and program administrators by educating them on our positions on the issues and informing them of the needs and challenges of people with Down syndrome and sharing with them the incredible potential to increase the number of people with Down syndrome to be successful, meaningful contributors in our community with an effective support system. We also collaborate with other Down syndrome associations, disability rights organizations, and disability policy experts across the state and nation to increase our effectiveness at advocating for best practices in governmental policies that can improve the quality of life of people with disabilities everywhere.

For more information contact Gerard Jimenez at or 512-496-6100.


HB 1481, the Respectful Language bill, has been approved by the Texas House of Representatives and has been sent to the Senate and referred to the Health and Human Services Committee, where it will go through the same process as it did in the House before it ends up on the Governor’s desk for signature.  Please email or call your own State Senator and the Senators sitting on the Health and Human Services Committee to ask for their support of this very important legislation!

Visit  to find your State Senator, as well as the members of the Committee and their contact information.

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